Saturday, 6 February 2016

Welcome to UltraViolet

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start a blog because of two things. 1- I really like photography and wanted to share my captured moments to the world and because writing is one of my favorite things to do- I love getting my thoughts and feelings out on paper- well computer screen.

So before I start properly blogging I think I should tell you some things about me.
My name is Jamelia Sophia but you can call me Jam- everyone does. I am 14 years old- but I’m fifteen in less than two months and I live in London, England. I am in Year 10 and I am studying for my GSCE’s- I have chosen Media, Sociology, Geography and Spanish and obviously the core subjects I have to take. I love dance- I do Contemporary, Ballet and Character which are all fun but my favourite thing to do is to go outside on my bike/penny board with my camera in my pocket.

  If you have questions please leave a comment down below-

Jam xx